Zinus Twin Bunk Bed Review

When our kids get to a certain age, we want them to have their own beds. And practically speaking, not every child can have their own bedroom. The problem with putting multiple beds in a room is that we want our young ones to have enough room to play and move around in their own space.

If furniture uses up all of the space in a bedroom, the kids won’t have any room left to move around to run, play and have fun. This is where most parents begin to consider bunk beds. It leaves space for a nightstand and a computer desk, but you will still have room for the kids to play with their toys.

Besides, bunk beds are quite exciting for kids of just about any young age. Naturally, as parents, we can’t help but worry about them falling off a bunk bed.

Kids are, after all, quite clumsy. But you know what, bunk beds are designed to mitigate the risk of accidents. Of course, bunk beds for toddlers are different from bunk beds for kids above the age of six.

More importantly, almost every bunk bed comes with safety features that pretty much eliminates the possibility of a child accidentally falling off the top bunk. Of course, nothing is foolproof, and children can be quite foolish, but bunk beds are quite safe and pretty practical.

In this article, we will do a comprehensive review of Zinus Twin Bunk Bed to help you in your search for the perfect bunk bed for your kids. In order to help you understand the product, we will first go through its features and then do a quick review of its pros and con.

Most importantly, we will dedicate a section where we will compare the Zinus Bunk Bed with another brand of bunk beds to help you get proper context of what is available on the market.


Zinus Twin Bunk Bed is a classic twin metal bunk bed. Our first impression of the bed was that it perfectly sits at the intersection between practicality and design. Of course, you want your kids’ bedroom to look nice, and the bed does indeed look quite pleasant.

But more importantly, it is quite practical in almost every regard. What do we mean by every regard? Well, the first thing you will have to deal with after getting a bunk bed is assembling the bed.

So as far as assembly is concerned, the bed features something called the quick lock easy assembly, which is a special design to make the assembling process intuitive and easy.

You won’t have to scramble for tools or dedicate hours reading the instruction manual. Of course, you should still read the manual, but assembling the bed is surprisingly simple.

The locking system makes it feel quite secure and sturdy. An important note, the bunk bed is designed for six years old and above. Children under the age of six should not be allowed on the upper bunk.

The upper bunk is supported on thick metal beams, which prevents it from creaking or moving. You won’t have to worry about extra support or box spring. The upper bunk has a stylish border that acts as support guardrails.

There are ladders on both ends of the bed. This means, unlike most bunk beds, you won’t have to consider the bed’s design in finding the perfect place in the room. You can choose the best location for the bed based on the room’s dimensions and rest of the furniture in the room.


  • Strong and thick metal support ensures that you won’t need extra support for the bunk bed.
  • Incredibly easy to assemble and barely takes up anytime.
  • The bed has two ladders on both sides of the bed.


  • The bunk bed is not available in different colors.
  • The metal ladder does not have any padding.


After going through the features, you should see why we’ve described it as the perfect balance between practicality and style. The bunk bed is designed to take up minimal floor space and is extremely easy to assemble.

Its quick-lock easy assembly not only makes it easy to put together but also adds to its stability and durability. Aside from the screws and bolts that hold it together, this adds another layer of support, which is why the bunk bed is so sturdy.

Since it has two ladders, each on the opposite ends, its design doesn’t restrict where you can place the bed, which further adds to how versatile and practical the bed is. The bed looks pretty cool as well. You can expect it to go with most bedroom decor for kids.

Comparison with a Similar Brand

As we mentioned earlier, we will do a quick comparison with another bunk bed. We understand that without proper context, none of the features, pros, and cons really mean anything.

Most of the decisions we make are based on comparisons of different products. A product can only be better if its better than another comparable product.

We will look at Costzon Bunk Bed for our comparison. Costzon Bunk Bed is another metal frame twin bunk bed. Both bunks can support up to 330 pounds each, which is considerably more than most bunk beds.

However, it has a generic design and is only available in white color. Furthermore, it only has one ladder that is attached towards the side of the bed instead of the end. It is also a bit smaller in length and considerably lower height.


If the height of the bunk bed is one of your major concerns, you would definitely prefer Costzon Bunk Bed. But if you really want something that looks nice and will blend in a kid’s bedroom, you will definitely want Zinus Bunk Bed.

Not only does it look good, but it’s also simply the better bed. Of course, it’s better in our opinion. Some of you might not agree with us, but in our opinion ladders on both sides of the bed is important. Also, the effort involved in setting up the bed is also extremely important.

Based on these things, we think Zinus Bunk Bed is the better bunk bed. It looks nice, and it’s quite practical and highly versatile. It will make your life simpler, and the kids will love it as well.

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