Why Do Air Mattresses Deflate Overnight?

Humans have created the AI robot that has even received a citizenship, yet we can’t keep an air mattress inflated.  What’s up with that? When we take an air mattress for camping outdoors, 8 out of 10 people will either wake up feeling like they are drowning and if it’s a thin bed then you will probably hit the ground.

Most of the air beds tend to lose their firmness and deflate.  The question is – why do air mattresses deflate overnight, no matter what you do to prevent that? Is it a scam by manufacturing companies to make you buy new air beds and repair kits all the time?  🙂

What’s the real reason behind this ordeal?

After doing some research, we came to know that all air mattresses deflate and this is mainly because of their design. If these mattresses were able to hold air perfectly, they would pop as soon as you lay on it. This is because the air won’t be able to move inside.

The materials that can hold air without any deflation are solid rubber tires and metal tanks. However, these hard materials cannot be used for making mattresses and the soft materials are not a perfect player.

The manufacturing companies need to develop a material that is soft and also holds air intact. However, this problem is yet to be solved. As a result, manufacturers have taken the middle way out. The air mattresses are designed in a way to lose air overnight but very slowly.

If you are hitting the ground when you wake up, then that’s an issue with the product quality. In most cases, they will lose some amount of air slowly and this helps in keeping them from bursting especially at the seams.

Other factors

Besides the design, temperature also plays an important role in deciding how well a mattress can hold air inside it. You must have noticed that the tires of your car flatten out a bit in the cold mornings. The same thing happens with these mattresses as well.

Even if the room is warm, the bed tends to get cold at night because the temperature drops. Cold temperature causes the air inside the mattress to condense. During the day, the temperature rises and hot air causes it to expand. This physical change causes the mattress to shrink and appear deflated.

So, how can you stop your mattress from deflating?

Well, there’s not much you can do to stop this because your mattress is designed in a way to lose air. Unless you allow it to lose some air, the mattress will burst when you put weight on it.

While there’s no permanent solution to this problem, there are several methods you can try to ensure that you air bed loses less air and very slowly so that you don’t feel the impact too much.

A good solution is to ensure that the room is warm using a heater as this can considerably reduce the air loss. The space heaters work well when you are outdoors.

When you sit on the mattresses, it exerts more pressure on the air bed and it loses air more rapidly. If you lay flat on the bed, it slows down the amount of air lost thus your mattress does not deflate too much.

You may also choose to change the elevation by using the air mattress in the upper part of your home where the hot air has risen.

You must keep a watchful eye on the nozzle of the air mattress from where it is blown up. It is opened often to blow air in and out of the air bed. Over time, this nozzle loses its rigidity and air escapes from the opening easily.

You should ensure that the nozzle does not lose its firmness and if it does, it should be replaced or fixed immediately by putting a tape on it.

Store in the right way

When folding the mattress to store it or take it with you on a backpack, make sure it is packed in the right way. If the mattress is not packed correctly, it will develop small holes that are not visible to the naked eye. The balance of the air mattress will be disturbed and this will cause air to lose faster.

If you wish to take the air mattress with you for camping outdoors, make sure you fold it properly. You may watch videos on YouTube to see the right method to fold an air bed when it is fully deflated. This will ensure that your investment stays useful for a longer time.

Watch this adorable video of Robin as she shows us how to properly fold an air mattress:

Get a mattress with an automatic pump

If you completely detest the idea of waking up in a mushy bed or don’t want to feel like you are actually sleeping on the ground, we would recommend that you get a mattress with an automatic pump. This is close to a permanent solution for your problem.

The mattress that comes with a never flat pump technology has an advanced sensor which is capable of detecting when the bed starts to lose its firmness and the pump will be activated silently to push air into the mattress. Thus, the mattress stays inflated throughout the night.


Now that you know why do air mattresses deflate overnight and the solutions to prevent this from happening, we suggest that you choose a mattress wisely. There are many options available in the market and this can be perplexing.

Compare the products and choose an air mattress that comes with never flat pump technology. It should have an automatic pump that does not make any noise and works silently to keep the bed firm, just the way you like it.

The air mattress should also come with a free repair kit and the customer support should be easily reachable in case you need a replacement. Make sure you read the customers reviews before buying the product.

While air beds will continue to lose air as they are designed to be like that, the above solutions will ensure that you enjoy a comfortable sleep.

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