Intex Dura-Beam Premium Comfort Queen Airbed with Built-In Air Pump Review

Intex is a brand best known for its lines of inflatable products, from kids’ swimming pools to air mattresses, with many of them considered among the best in their categories. This isn’t surprising, as these products are characterized by their durable materials and make, as well as their ease of setup and storage, practical features, and useful accessories.

This is largely the case with the Intex Dura-Beam Premium Comfort Queen Airbed with Built-In Air Pump. The manufacturers promise that it has the hallmarks of the best air mattresses, from the ease of setup to the comfort and support required. Let’s confirm whether such promises have been fulfilled, in terms of overall performance.

Features of the Intex Dura-Beam Premium Comfort Queen Airbed with Air Pump

Like all airbeds, the Intex airbed is a great solution for a temporary bed whenever there are overnight guests around, or when on a vacation where an extra bed will be useful. Nonetheless, its size may be a slight hindrance in terms of transporting it on a bike and the like – it’s best stowed in a recreational vehicle or full-sized car for this reason.

With Dura-Beam Technology

Intex doesn’t use the traditional airbed design in this particular air mattress because of its innate limitations, such as the undesirable stretching over time. Such stretching eventually results in a less-than-restful sleep, due to the bumps and sagging, especially in the middle part where people are most likely to sleep.

Instead, its innovative Dura-Beam Technology is used here at its core; it uses high-strength polyester fibers that retain their shape even after years of use (i.e., no stretching here and there). You should be able to use the airbed for several years without worrying about sagging in the middle, bumps all around it, and other signs of premature wear and tear.

You must obviously set realistic expectations. As it’s an airbed, there’s always the risk of leaks and signs of wear and tear, especially when it’s used on a fairly regular basis.  But with proper care and maintenance, such as placing it on a smooth and even ground, you will prolong its useful life.

This technology is also one of the reasons for the air bed’s exceptional comfort and support levels, in comparison with other airbeds made with traditional construction. You can adjust the firmness of the airbed depending on your level of personal comfort and support desired, a definite plus. You may want a firmer bed, for example, when you like sleeping “on” the bed. Or, you may want a softer bed if you like sleeping “in” the bed. In both cases, your body should ideally be in its neutral alignment.

The sleeping surface has soft flocking, a feature that most of the best airbeds have because of the added comfort it provides. You will like the softer feel, too, especially when you’re not planning on using additional beddings (e.g., mattress topper.) You can also sit well on the edge, thanks to the horizontal air chambers that add stability around the airbed.

We must emphasize that the soft flocking can be an issue because it collects dust, dirt, and debris, faster than a non-flocked surface. You have to regularly clean it – otherwise, the material can be compromised sooner than expected.

When deflated, the item weighs 15 pounds, a comparatively lightweight airbed. When inflated, it stays true to its queen-sized airbed claim – 80 x 60 x 18 inches – so you can use regular beddings on it.

With built-in pillow

The airbed also comes with its own built-in pillow at the head. You only need to bring a single pillow for your legs, which means less baggage when traveling, or not worrying when you have guests over. You can also use another pillow on top of the built-in pillow, in case you want propped-up convenience (i.e., when reading or watching television).

With built-in electric pump

The airbed has its own built-in electric pump, a must for quick and easy inflation and deflation. Both process usually takes 5 minutes or so, which mean that you can have an extra bed at the flick of a switch – the on and off switch is simple, too, as is the case for the cord (i.e., batteries not needed).


  • Made of a thick durable PVC material
  • Easy to inflate and deflate with its own electric pump
  • Soft flocking for a softer surface
  • True to its queen-sized dimensions
  • Comes with patches in case of leaks


  • Soft flocking can become dusty when not regularly cleaned


The Intex Dura-Beam Premium Comfort Queen Airbed with Built-In Air Pump is a smart investment in an air mattress for many people, such as college students, campers, and families with frequent sleepovers. This can be easily stored and transported, as well as easy to inflate and deflate, which is great for portability. More importantly, this is a great bed when it comes to comfort and body support.

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