How Long to Air out New Mattress

Taking your new mattress out of its plastic cover should be pretty exciting. Some may experience a chemical-like odor that often goes along with the new mattress, specifically foam mattresses. This scent is often called the “new mattress smell,” since it resembles a similar type of odor people remember from opening a paint container/box. It’s ideal to determine how long to air out a new mattress and ways to do it, before actually using the new mattress.

How Long to Air out New Mattress and Why It’s Important

The strong mattress odor, particularly a newly unboxed one, is actually the result of chemicals, which can often be found in many products. When your new mattress has been rolled up and sealed shut for a long period of time, these chemicals may build up, making it potent when you take your new mattress out of the seal.

New Mattress Chemicals

Your new mattress may be made of a variety of diverse materials, and some of those chemicals-vapors carry substantial hazards to your long-term health. A majority of the mattresses have chemical flame retardants. This chemical has been connected to a variety of severe health concerns, including obesity, cancer, infertility, and developmental brain syndromes. To avoid these health issues, it is recommended to air out these chemicals before using your new mattress.

Remove Plastic Seal Immediately

One of the worst things you can do is keep your new mattress rolled up in the plastic wrap for a long time. The longer your new mattress is stored inside the plastic seal, the longer it’s fermenting, and the stronger those chemical gasses are going to set in.

As soon as you receive your new mattress, remove the plastic wrap instantly, in a well-ventilated area, and let the mattress expand totally. You also need to dispose of the plastic seal in a place away from your home, since the odor is embedded in it.

Decide Where to Air Out New Mattress

If you stay in a relatively rural atmosphere, with many critters like raccoons and mice, you surely don’t want these pests to damage your new mattress. Worse yet, these critters could leave some territory marks, such as feces or urine, on it. In such a setting, air your new mattress indoors. In cities, you might lack enough space and be forced to air your new mattress in the house or perhaps on a balcony.

If you live in the suburbs, however, you may be able to take your new mattress outside to air it out. Your yard is the perfect place to do that. You may also consider leaning it against a clean wall on your porch.

Reducing the Chemical Smell of New Mattress

Now that you have unboxed your new mattress and you want to eliminate the odor of it, the best option is to allow the new mattress to breathe. Follow these tips if you want to have air circulating in your bedroom and lessen the caustic odor of your new mattress.

  • Open your bedroom door.
  • Open windows close to your bed and all over the room.
  • Place an electric fan from the door in the direction of the window to have a cross-breeze going.

Let the cross-breeze continue throughout the bedroom until the smell has notably decreased. Many new mattresses will be free from its smell after several days. Those with serious sensitivity to scents may continue to sense the chemicals, but eventually, the smell will go away.

You may follow this routine for a minimum of 10 hours a day or until the odor is entirely gone. The bedroom or area must also be exclusive for about a week. If you there’s no empty room or space, air it out in a garage or basement that is not prone to humidity, because moisture can cause mold to build-up in the new mattress.

Choose a good time of day

Any odor typically subsides fairly fast on its own. Though, if the slight odor is still bothering you, it is recommended that you expose the new mattress to fresh air, as well as sunlight. You will have to wait and take advantage of the sunny, warm daytime.

If the weather is bad, you still have the choice of airing your new mattress out indoors, but the best, obviously, is to air it out under the sun. Airing the new mattress in the morning, while the sunlight is not too strong, is often a favorable time


It is hard to know which mattress is going to contain unsafe chemicals that may affect your health. Fortunately, there are many online manufacturers and vendors that offer safe mattresses, which will not expose you to harmful gasses. If you already own a mattress that has a slightly foul smell, try some of the remedies to make the odor go away.

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