Fox Air Beds Plush High-Rise Inflatable Air Mattress Review

Airbeds, also known as air mattresses, aren’t known for being plush and posh – and that’s a shame! These may be among the most affordable beds that also offer excellent value for the money, if and when the right choices are made. After all, the best airbeds provide a “real bed” experience because of their high levels of comfort and support, solid and stable feel, and soft surfaces.

Can we say the same things about the Fox Air Beds Plush High-Rise Inflatable Air Mattress with its gel memory-foam mattress topper and pillows? Yes, we can, although, there are also a few minor issues with it.

Features of the Fox Air Beds Plush High-Rise Inflatable Air Mattress

This Fox airbed has several desirable features that make it plush and posh in the books of many people.

Engineered with pillow top air-flow chambers

According to its manufacturer, this airbed has an all-new airflow system that basically prevents sagging in the middle. Indeed, such sagging can be a problem when there are two people sleeping on it since both will gravitate toward the middle, so there’s overcrowding where there shouldn’t be.  Plus, the sagging-in-the-middle issue worsens lower back pain issues because of the decrease in support and comfort provided to the sleeper.

The uniform support across all areas of the airbed also contributes to its exceptional comfort and support. You can sleep anywhere on the airbed – in the middle, if you’re sleeping alone, or on the side when you have a bedmate – without worrying about your back becoming misaligned (i.e., not in the proper neutral alignment).

The pillow-top design complements the airflow chambers, in terms of the softness provided to the user. You will feel like you’re floating on a cloud when you’re on top of the airbed, hence making you sleep better. You may even adjust the inflation level so that you can enjoy a softer or firmer surface depending on your current needs for the night. Such adjustability isn’t present in a standard foam and innerspring mattress, yet another reason to buy an airbed.

But even with the pillow-top design and the memory-foam topper, the airbed is best used with regular beddings on top. You may be tempted to just lie down on the memory foam topper, but it isn’t recommended for many reasons. Your “real bed” experience will be better when you place beddings on the airbed, from the fitted sheet to the blanket or comforter, not to mention that the memory foam can be hot on the skin without the right mattress cover.

True to size

The airbed comes in several sizes, namely:

  • King 80 x 76 x 25 inches
  • Queen 80 x 60 x 25 inches
  • Full 75 x 54 x 22 inches
  • Twin XL 80 x 39 x 20 inches

Since these are industry standard sizes, finding the right beddings shouldn’t be an issue. You can use the beddings you already have or buy new ones dedicated to the airbed.  You may even make or buy a platform to further increase the airbed’s height, so it looks and feels more like a standard bed than an air mattress.

43% thicker vinyl

Airbeds are prone to leaks because of their PVC materials. The thicker the PVC material used, the lesser the risk of leaks, but we must emphasize that proper care is still a must to reduce said risks. We suggest placing the airbed on a smooth and even ground, such as on hardwood or carpeted floors, as well as keeping sharp objects away from its proximity (i.e., accidental punctures).

The Fox airbeds, fortunately, are made of thicker vinyl that, according to the manufacturer, is 43% thicker than the ones used on many inferior airbeds. Each airbed is then stronger and sturdier, so it has a longer life, provided proper care measures are adopted.

Premium gel memory-foam topper and pillows

Unlike many of the airbeds in the market, these Fox-branded, plush airbeds have foam pillows and gel memory foam toppers. Talk about airbeds taken to the plush and posh level!

You don’t need head pillows because each airbed already comes with it, although, you may still want pillows for your legs, knees, and perhaps for your arms, too. You will also like the gel memory-foam mattress topper, because it adds comfort and support to your body, just as if you’re sleeping on a memory-foam mattress.

But, we should also point out that you might not always benefit from a memory-foam mattress topper, such as when you get hot from its use. You can replace it with a standard mattress topper in this case.


  • High-end features, including memory foam mattress topper and pillow top
  • Solid yet supportive and a comfortable feel
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Great customer service with good warranty
  • Easy inflation and deflation
  • Comes in several sizes


  • Mattress topper can result in a hot sleeping experience
  • More expensive


The Fox Air Beds Plush High-Rise Inflatable Air Mattress are among the most luxurious we have seen so far, and therefore, their more expensive prices are worth it.  You will be able to use them for several years, so you can also get great value for your money.

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