Different Techniques on How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress

You might have had taken your air mattress out when a friend suddenly came to visit and decided to spend the night in your home. Or, your kid’s playmate was unexpectedly staying overnight for a sleepover and noticed that something was wrong with your airbed. Your air mattress has sprung a leak! You immediately need to know how to find a hole in an air mattress.

We have all had that happen. There’s a swift solution to your air mattress problem. Patching a leak can be done from the comfort of your home, in less than an hour. However, finding a hole should be your number one concern.

Easy Ways to Finding a Leak: Techniques on How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress

Looking for a hole or leakage in an air mattress isn’t always a breeze, but there are a few means of doing so. Some leakages are easy to notice while other holes may be no more than a prick, slowly discharging air over time. Some means for spotting a leak in an air mattress require the bed to be shrunk, while others require a fully inflated air bed.

Make a Visual Inspection

Deflate the air mattress and visually check it for tears or holes. Pay precise attention to the ends on both sides of the air bed and the seams. It’s common for seams to open a bit over time, and these can regularly be noticed by visual inspection. You can also use a magnifying glass if you own one.

Check for Valve Leaks

Air holes are not always because of punctures. Leaks could be due to a problem in the valve or pump or could be because of slightly opened seams. Fully inflate the air mattress, and place your ear close to the valve or pump. You may hear the air escaping.

If not, wet your hands and put it close to the pump – the liquid makes it easier to sense the air escaping out of the pump. It also helps if you put pressure or press down on the air mattress to force air out of it. If you discover that the leak is because of a faulty pump, you may need to consider getting a replacement or have it fixed under warranty.

Listen for Air Hissing Sound

You can sometimes hear the air hissing sound if you place your ear close to the air mattress while you’re pressing it down. It’s a lot easier if you have someone to put pressure on the air mattress while you try to hear the sound of escaping air. Tiny holes may produce a whistling sound, while bigger holes may release a hissing noise.

Ensure you mark the spot of the hole once you discover it. Draw a circle around the leak with a permanent marker, or you might need to look for the hole all over again. It’s also ideal to continue looking after you have located one puncture, since there may be several holes.

Make Use of Your Hands

Keeping them about half-inch off the surface, place the back of your hands over the air mattress, since it’s sensitive to air movement. Another method to make your hands more sensitive-to-the-touch is to wet them with water.

This technique can be effective for open seams or larger holes. Smaller punctures might be difficult to recognize, although the weight of the leaking air can be amplified considerably by having someone lie on the air mattress. The additional pressure can make a difference, and even surge the volume of the hissing sound made by the escaping air.

Use Soapy Water

The purpose of using soapy water is to make bubbles where the air is escaping. Prepare a container for the water, a dish soap or dishwashing liquid, sponge, and water. Then, dissolve a small amount of dish soap or a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to one liter of water and mix it up. Using the sponge, apply the mixture to the surface of the air mattress and check for bubbles appearing. Pay attention to the edges, seams and any visibly worn areas.

Submerge the Air Mattress

This is the most common way of finding a leak in an air mattress. For this method, you need to have the air mattress completely inflated. Submerge the entire air mattress, or just some parts of it, if the container is too small. Inspect for the air bubbles that will help pinpoint the leak.

The above techniques, on how to find a hole in an air mattress, should allow you to find the source of air leak from your air mattress. The level of difficulty of finding a puncture mainly depends on the size of the hole or extent of the seam damage. Moreover, make sure that you are completely aware of the vendor or manufacturer policy regarding the repairs.

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