AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids: A Detailed Product Review

Sleepovers are very common for young and school-aged kids since they want to spend more time with individuals of their age. Parents often face uncertainties since they have troubles with sleeping arrangements, especially with kids who are too young.

Most of the time, sleeping bags are the first things that come to mind since they are handy and letting the kids sleep on them will be a good experience. That is because it will give them some sort of an adventure and they may feel as if they are camping.

However, another fun and adventurous sleeping arrangement you can set up for them is an air bed or mattress. It is also beneficial for you since it is easy to store, so there is no need to worry about keeping it after the sleepover. Likewise, kids just love the idea of air mattresses because they think they can jump on them with their friends. They may be able to, but it depends on the durability of the mattress you buy.

Another good thing about an air mattress is that it is not only useful for sleepovers, but it provides a relatively cheaper alternative than buying one that is made of latex or spring. The bed will also have many non-home applications such as when you’re going on a camping trip or even visiting.

When buying an air mattress that can be used by kids, it is always important to consider durability and safety.

AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids

As the name implies, the AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids is your typical air bed but is designed with the kids in mind.


  • Made of heavy-duty PVC with welded seams
  • A mattress pad which can be washed in your machine, is included.
  • Dimensions: 50 x 25 inches
  • Weight: 1.12 ounces


  • Can be used by young and older kids: The mattress can be used by kids who are four years old and above since it can hold weights of up to 300 pounds.
  • Has a safety feature: The mattress comes with a safety cushion, which is located around the perimeter, that is four inches high. This feature keeps kids who are active sleepers from taking a tumble off the mattress.
  • The mattress is padded: The mattress comes with a machine-washable, thick-fitted pad to protect it.
  • The bed comes with a pump: There is no need to buy a pump separately as the bed comes with an AC pump. The pump is able to inflate the airbed in less than a minute.


  • The mattress does not come with a base: With the absence of a base, the kids may feel like they are sleeping on the ground. Nonetheless, you can purchase a base separately, or you can place a mat or sheet underneath.
  • The material is a bit noisy: If you buy this mattress, be aware that tends to be noisy when the kids move around or jump on it.
  • Loses air: Most of the time, when the mattress holds a somewhat heavier weight than allowed, the air tends to escape.


The AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids is designed to accommodate the tiny bodies of children. It comes with a fitted pad that may help prevent choking and is designed with stars for their amusement. The mattress also comes with a built-in safety feature, a cushion that is four inches high and that goes right around the mattress, making it an ideal mattress for active kids. Scouting and buying a pump that will be used for inflating the product will also not be a problem since it comes with the package.

Some parents may consider buying this mattress for their kids to sit on while playing, but such is not recommended. That is because it does not come with a base, so it is, in essence, a cushion on the ground. Also, if you intend to share a room with a kid using this mattress, it may be a terrible idea, especially if the kid is an active sleeper since the mattress tends to be a bit noisy. As with all air mattresses, you have to be careful with the surfaces wherein you place them on and the objects you put on them since they are prone to punctures.

A Comparison with Another Product

The manufacturer Hiccapop has an inflatable toddler travel bed that comes with safety bumpers and a built-in rail. The bed is lightweight and ultra-portable, so if your toddler needs to take a nap, you can just pump air in the bed and place him or her on top to catch some sleep.

Hiccapop boasts that the bed is made with a thick vinyl that is 40% thicker than competitor beds. You also need not worry about air leakage because the bed has a heavy-duty air valve to prevent such incident from occurring. It is also incredible that the bed can be inflated in as little as thirty seconds.

However, the product is sold without a pump and a base. Hence, you need to buy the two items separately which is, obviously, an added cost.

Final Verdict

If your kids’ friends or cousins are planning to sleepover at your house and you want to accommodate them without inconveniencing yourself in the process by having to give up your own bed and sleep on the couch, then the Aerobed Air Mattress for Kids may be the best thing you can get. Yes, it may be a bit noisy, but kids may actually enjoy the sound, and the ideal thing you can do for yourself is to sleep far away from it if such annoys you.

Also, it is an economic choice, without compromising the safety of the children, since the pump is already included and it has been designed with safety features. However, because kids tend to be a bit destructive, you may need to ensure that they do not use the bed with any sharp or pointed devices. That way, you can preserve the life of the mattress. Nonetheless, it is indeed a recommended sleepover solution for rowdy kids.

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