What Is the Best Twin Air Mattress?

How we sleep at night affects how energetic and productive we are during the day. If you’re having trouble sleeping and feel tired from the moment you wake up, your bed could be the cause of your problems.

There’s no need to spend a small fortune on a new bed or a regular mattress. For merely a fraction of the cost, air mattresses will turn any flat surface in your home into a sleeping area.

What’s more, you’ll have an extra bed ready in a matter of minutes whenever there are guests staying over at your home. If you’re going camping, you’ll have a portable bed that’s easy to carry and doesn’t take up too much space.

To help you to find the right twin air mattress to meet your needs, we’ll look at the three most popular models currently available. We’ll discuss their main features, highlight their qualities, and note all possible shortcomings. After that, we’ll name our choice for the title of the best twin air mattress on the market.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Twin-Sized Air Mattress

By far the most popular product, the SoundAsleep Dream Series twin-sized air mattress is made from extremely durable materials to deliver comfort and convenience.


This model utilizes 21 air coils – divided into seven rows of three air coils each – to provide additional support for your body. It has a very quiet built-in pump that inflates the mattress to its full size (73” x 37” x 18”) in under three minutes and takes about four minutes or less to fully deflate. The pump is controlled by a one-click toggle, located on the side of the mattress.

The SoundAsleep Dream Series twin-sized air mattress uses a multilayer construction to provide a more comfortable sleeping surface and ensure that the mattress is resistant to punctures.

The bottom of the mattress utilizes the patented SureGrip technology with strong suction grip to prevent sliding, while the top of the bed is covered with a waterproof sheet for added protection.


  • Made of durable, multi-layered materials
  • Thicker than most air mattresses at 18 inches
  • The top of the mattress is waterproof and resistant to punctures.
  • SureGrip technology ensures that the mattress stays in place.
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • The built-in air pump is quiet and easy to use
  • Inflates in less than three minutes, deflates in less than four minutes
  • Includes a branded nylon bag for storage and travel
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Doesn’t keep the air in for too long, so it needs to be inflated regularly
  • Could potentially deflate under too much weight
  • If folded too often, stitches might open up

Intex Comfort Bed

The Intex Comfort Bed air mattress is made from vinyl, with a flocked waterproof top and a slightly elevated pillow area for extra comfort.


This model is easily inflated and deflated thanks to the built-in electric pump that utilizes the proprietary Fast-Fill technology. It has no ports for manual pumping, so if you’re taking this mattress on the road, you’ll need access to electricity.

The mattress takes only two minutes to inflate, which is surprisingly fast considering its size. This is another raised model, and it’s about 19 inches thick when fully inflated.

TheIntex Comfort Bed is made from vinyl, which – although a high-quality material – has its fair share of downsides. Namely, it’s susceptible to shrinking from humidity and different weather conditions.

This means that the mattress will need to be inflated daily to remain firm and comfortable. Also included in the packaging is a neat light beige bag for easier portability.


  • The mattress is 19 inches thick.
  • Carries up to 300 pounds.
  • Constructed of soft and form-fitting materials
  • Built-in electric pump allows for quick and easy inflation and deflation
  • Inflates in just two minutes
  • Waterproof top with an elevated pillow area
  • Comes with a light beige nylon bag with handles


  • Vinyl can lose firmness in unfavorable weather conditions
  • Can only be inflated using the 110-120V built-in electric pump
  • Needs to be inflated every day if used regularly

Shrunks Inflatable Twin Air Mattress Airbed

This inflatable twin air mattress from the Shrunks Inflatable Twin Air Mattress Airbed is different from the other two models highlighted here in that it’s designed primarily for toddlers.


Seeing as it’s intended for kids, this air mattress is made from plastic-like materials that have been meticulously tested for safety. It has elevated rails that protect the kids from falling off the mattress while they’re sleeping.

The use of the patented Tuckaire technology allows you to tuck the sheets into the small space between the railing and around the central part of the mattress.

When fully inflated, the inner mattress area is about 35 inches wide and 70 inches long. The airbed is 4.5 inches thick, while the safety rails on both sides add another 4.5 inches. It comes with an electric pump that inflates the mattress rather fast but takes a bit long to deflate it. A carrying bag is also included.


  • Made from safe, child-friendly materials
  • Protective rails on both sides of the mattress
  • The mattress is 4.5 inches thick, which is perfect for toddlers
  • Sheets tuck in between the rail and the inner mattress
  • Comes with an electric air pump and a repair kit
  • Carrying bag is also included in the packaging
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Supports up to 150 pounds.
  • Not suitable for adults.
  • Takes a bit longer to deflate.


All three models described here come with a set of useful features that provide convenience and quality to their users. One of them, however, has a slight edge over its competition.

The SoundAsleep Dream Series twin-sized air mattress is made from durable materials and has a flocked waterproof top to prevent the mattress from soaking up different types of liquid.

The built-in pump makes it easy to inflate and deflate and produces very little noise, a feature other mattresses can’t quite match. With the inclusion of a nylon carrying bag and a one-year warranty, the SoundAsleep Dream Series twin-sized air mattress is the best twin air mattress currently available. Whether you’re using it at home or taking it with you on a camping trip, you can’t go wrong with this model.

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