What is an Air Mattress: Things You Should Know Before Getting One

Maybe you have kids or you have a house that receives a lot of guests over the holidays. Sometimes accommodation can be a serious problem. It can also displace you from your own room and make you feel uncomfortable. If you want to be the ideal host, then you ought to consider purchasing an air mattress.

In a way, it is going to be very helpful since nobody needs to sleep on the couch and it can accommodate more people. We know, you may be wondering what is an air mattress and how it can add value to your life. Hence, we are here to give you the much-needed details.

What is an Air Mattress?

An air mattress, as the name implies, is a mattress that has air inside. Just like how a spring mattress would have spring, and a foam mattress has foam. As similar to traditional mattresses, air beds are also available in different sizes, so you can purchase the one that will best suit the space you have. Also, people like air mattresses because they are easier to store and a bit more versatile than traditional mattresses.

The Uses

An air mattress may be used by its owner for several reasons. If someone is unable to buy a proper mattress, he or she may decide to invest in an air mattress as it is cheaper than a traditional mattress. An air mattress is also ideal for people who move around a lot.

Those who travel to places and want to save on accommodation can even consider air mattresses as an investment. Likewise, people who own trucks may find an air mattress helpful since they can just set up the product and sleep on the floor of their truck’s bed.

Air mattresses are also perfect for sleepovers and camping activities since you can carry them around without hassle. Additionally, since the design of air beds have changed and improved significantly, people are interested in sleeping on them as a long-term solution for chronic back pains. It is better than sleeping on a bed that is too firm or too soft because you can control the pressure and firmness of the bed until you get to the level that you think is just right for you. Further, high-end models can be customized to adjust the temperature.

The Types

When it comes to the types of air mattresses, they are merely based on the different designs that have been incorporated by some manufacturers. Those are done to meet the needs of certain people, as well as so that they can be used for specific activities.

For instance, there are air mattresses that are suited particularly for people who own trucks. They are designed in such a way that the sides can fit around the wheel bed. The mattresses with these cutouts are only suitable for truck beds and not for everyday use. Some manufacturers have become creative by designing inserts to fit into the cutout area so that the mattress can be a general purpose one.

Another exciting air mattress that manufacturers have come up with is the one suited for kids. It has safety mechanisms such as rails and a safety guard going all the way around it to protect children from rolling off the mattress and unto the ground. Also, this type of mattress is usually small and inexpensive. Interestingly, most air mattresses for kids can hold up to three hundred pounds of weight.

As mentioned earlier, manufacturers have also made orthopedic air beds, so persons suffering from spinal problems can get a bit of relief.

What Should You Expect When Using an Air Mattress?

As similar to any product, you should always take note of the advantages and disadvantages that come with the purchase. With regards to air mattresses, here are some of the most important considerations.


  • The firmness of air mattresses can be customized.

With air mattresses, you can put as much air as you want to suit your particular needs. In fact, you can even make such adjustments if you are sharing a bed since some manufacturers included a separate air chamber for each side of the bed.

  • It is suited for individuals who have back pains.

The ability to customize the firmness of the mattress makes it the best bed to use for pain.

  • It is affordable.

Air beds are low cost, and in some instances, they are up to ten times cheaper than memory foam mattresses.

  • It can be stored easily.

Since air mattresses can be deflated, you can easily store it, and it will only take up limited space.


  • Some air mattresses don’t come with pumps so you will have to consider that additional cost when purchasing.
  • They generally have a short warranty period, so if anything happens after the given period, you will have to replace the product.
  • Air mattresses are subject to punctures and losing air. However, if you take good care when using your air mattress, you are going to increase its useful life.

What Air Mattress Should You Buy?

As much as possible, when you are buying an air mattress, you should try to buy one that comes with a repair kit. As such, in the event your mattress is punctured, it will be an easy fix for you, and you won’t have to worry about ordering and waiting for a repair kit.

It is also best to buy an air mattress that can be used on multiple surfaces. Although the manufacturer would probably not declare such, words like puncture resistant and durable are some clues. Additionally, you should also aim to buy an air mattress that is well rated by customers.

The Conclusion

Definition-wise, knowing what is an air mattress is very straightforward. However, a closer look reveals that an air mattress is an excellent alternative to the traditional mattress. It provides good lumbar support to those who need it, and it can be used to accommodate guests visiting your house.

Also, if you are a travel and outdoor activity enthusiast, you can take it with you and save on accommodations. In fact, some beds come in a wheeled carry case, making it easy for you to take it with you on an airplane, bus, train or even in your car trunk.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get an air mattress as soon as possible.

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