Sleep Restoration Queen Size Air Mattress Review

With the popularity of air mattresses, it is not surprising to find a lot of choices in the market. Each item claims to provide certain benefits to users, but only your personal preferences and needs can determine the best item for you.

Looking for an air mattress that can last long? If so, take a look at the Sleep Restoration Queen Size Air Mattress.

Features of the Sleep Restoration Queen Size Air Mattress

  • It has a flocked top coil system.
  • It comes with a built-in rechargeable air pump.
  • It has a repair kit and an oversized carrying bag.
  • It is extra thick.
  • It is resistant to water and puncture.


  • It provides a comfortable feeling.
  • It has a soft top even if you don’t put on a blanket or sheet.
  • It comes with a revolutionary built-in pump that allows the mattress to inflate itself with just a flip of a switch.
  • It is huge and thick enough to provide more protection to its users. It uses a flocked top coil system that helps distribute weight evenly across the mattress to provide good sleep.
  • It inflates and deflates easily.
  • It is not heavy despite its big size.
  • Its puncture-resistant, waterproof, and multi-layer materials provide a sense of safety and security.
  • You can easily put it back in its bag. It is compact and easy to pack away, making it perfect for trips.
  • It has a good height that prevents it from sinking to the ground.
  • It is sturdy and can last longer.
  • It is aesthetically beautiful.
  • It suits kid sleepovers.
  • The repair kit and oversize bag protect the mattress from damage and aging, thus making it easy to maintain.
  • It has a good overall quality.
  • It has a good price.


  • It tends to leak.
  • It smells when newly unwrapped.
  • You may experience some minor problems with deflation.


Protection, comfort, and convenience are the main benefits that the Sleep Restoration Queen Size Air Mattress offers. It uses materials that make it safe to use and add up to its durability due to it being waterproof and puncture-resistant. For this, you can depend on it during sleepovers and travel. Despite being tall and huge, you can easily carry it because it is not bulky or heavy.

Moreover, what appeals a lot to prospective users is its combination of aesthetic beauty and great quality.

However, it is important to take note that the product tends to leak and have some minor deflation issues. You will also smell a strong odor after you unwrap it, hence the need to let it air out before using it.


The Sleep Restoration Queen Size Air Mattress is indeed a reliable product. You can use it anywhere and reap various benefits. It has the capacity to cater to the different needs of numerous users. While it comes with some downsides too, you have learned that they only cause minor problems and are outweighed by the upsides.

Overall, this air mattress could be a great buy for you. Just make sure to know what you truly want and need so as not to experience unnecessary problems in the future.

Types of Space-Saving Air Mattresses

Space-saving mattresses are great alternatives to traditional mattresses. They are designed to be kept and carried easily, so users can save a significant amount of space.

Here are two types of space-saving mattresses that you may want to purchase:


This type of mattress is common in Asia, particularly in China, Japan, and their surrounding countries. Basically, futon-style mattresses can be rolled on the floor. For centuries now, it has been a default in Japanese culture due to the comfort and convenience it provides.

Because it is thin and easy to roll, a futon-style mattress takes up a very little area in a room. It is likewise easy to transport.

Moreover, this type of mattress allows you to save money because you don’t need to buy a bed frame. It also eliminates the possibility of “falling out of the bed”.

However, futon mattresses are easily flattened to the ground. You may also experience an uneven distribution of weight. While it will take time to deal with these disadvantages, you should still take note of them and expect such happenings in the future.

Air Bed

From the name itself, this type of mattress uses air with the help of our advanced technology.

Compared to the usual type of mattress, an air bed makes it easier for you to remove the stuffing of your mattress. All you have to do is open the valve and remove air as much as you want or need. You are also at liberty to add air to your mattress anytime.

Normally, air beds are lightweight. They are also easy to keep and move once they get deflated.

Furthermore, you don’t need to flip air beds unless you need to clean them. The air it uses allows it to be flattened evenly.

As for the downsides, air beds are prone to uneven sagging, which consequently limits their capacity to accommodate more than two users. Another disadvantage of air beds is the possibility to be punctured. Once they get punctured, they can no longer work as great as they did when you first used them.

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