SimplySleeper SS-58RF Raised Air Bed Review

Many people prefer raised airbeds because they make it easier to sit on the edge, without bending knees and legs in uncomfortable positions, as well as providing a “real bed” experience. But these raised airbeds can also be placed on a platform, in case a higher height is desired.

The SimplySleeper SS-58RF Raised Air Bed is one such bed – and it definitely tops in any best airbeds list. As a matter of fact, this is a matter of personal preferences, but we found that it’s among the airbeds that deliver exceptional comfort and support. Many buyers even report their preference for sleeping on it, rather than on an old mattress for this reason. This is because there’s little or none of the sagging common in most foam mattresses.

Features of the SimplySleeper SS-58RF Raised Air Bed

This airbed has several design elements that contribute to its comfort and support levels.

Made of patented Durmothane PVC

This isn’t a flimsy airbed with equally flimsy PVC materials, but far from it. The Durmothane PVC looks and feels substantial, and we daresay that it’s among the thickest we have seen so far. According to the manufacturer, it consists of three layers of strong and sturdy puncture-resistant material, which reduces the risk of leaks (i.e., air-tight) while still feeling soft. Nobody wants to sleep on an airbed with the rough-to-the-feel material since it will adversely affect the 8-hour experience.

Plus, the airbed has a clean and crisp look – no loose threads, no seams starting to fall apart, and no glue marks. While you will likely cover it with regular beddings for a more “real bed” experience, the attention to detail means a high level of craftsmanship. You can rely on the airbed to withstand near-nightly use, especially when you use it as a bed for your long-term guest.

But we wish that the sleeping surface would have a flocked top, such as in the Intex airbed. This would have added to the soft feel of the airbed, although, it isn’t such a big issue when blankets are added.

We would also have liked a non-slip bottom, but this can also be remedied by placing the airbed on a carpeted floor, which should eliminate slipping and sliding around. The airbed also makes squeaking sounds during its first use, especially on hardwood floors, but it usually resolves itself after a while.

Solid feel

Many airbeds are like waterbeds in terms of their feel. But the SS-58RF isn’t like these airbeds because of its solid feel, making it feel like being on a standard mattress with its box springs. The solid feel, coupled with the right levels of comfort and support, are definitely part of its appeal for the buyers, especially among the ones planning to use it as a semi-permanent bed (i.e., guest bedrooms).

When it’s covered in regular beddings, such as a fitted sheet, duvet, and blankets, it feels like being on a standard foam mattress. You can also place a mattress topper, such as one made from memory foam, to complete the enjoyable sleeping experience. You will even appreciate that, unlike memory foam, the airbed doesn’t feel hot over time, yet still provides comfort and support where needed.

The solid construction doesn’t just pertain to the sleeping experience but to the weight limit, too. You don’t have to worry about the airbed exploding, so to speak, under your weight, due to the 500-pound weight capacity. Such impressive capacity is due to the oval-coil internal chambers. The company calls this their Quad Chamber Technology, that ensures stability and strength for the airbed.

The solid feel also extends to the sides, which are as firm as can be expected. This is a convenient feature for people who want to sit on the side, first before hitting the sack and after waking up in the morning. Many airbeds are firm in the middle but become softer on the side, so sitting down becomes less of a relaxing pose.

Easily inflates

The airbed also has an easy-to-use, built-in, electric pump that operates only on electricity. Sadly, this means that it cannot be inflated and deflated with batteries, which can be inconvenient when you’re planning to use it on camping trips.

But for in-home use, you will like the SS-58RF because it inflates in three minutes, thanks to the powerful pump. You will appreciate that it retains air so well, that re-inflating it doesn’t become a regular chore. You can also deflate it in under three minutes, thanks to the quick release valve.

Once inflated, the airbed measures 74″x54″x18,” suitable for two adults. But many buyers also complained that the airbed’s too short for extremely tall people.


  • Extremely durable material and build
  • Good air retention quality
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Suitable for use among healthy people as well as for people with lower back pain


  • Makes squeaking sounds
  • No flocked top


The SimplySleeper SS-58RF Raised Air Bed is one that provides its users with a “real bed” experience, thanks to its good height off the ground and its solid feel. No wonder it’s on our list of the best airbeds for your money!

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