Quick Ways on How to Deflate an Air Mattress

Air mattresses provide low-cost and comfortable solutions for napping when you are on the move. Given their light weight and their compact size when deflated, air mattresses offer a convenient good night’s sleep for campers or overnight visitors when you are short of beds. It is important to learn how to deflate an air mattress, to keep your mattress working for a long period of time.

Essentials to Quickly Deflate an Air Mattress

Though air beds all serve basically the same purpose, not all air beds are identical. Some mattresses are dense and generously cushioned, while other beds simply provide limited support with only a few inches of padding. Not only are some beds more comfortable and robust than others, but some air beds come with a range of accessories, including patch kits and built-in air pumps. These built-in pumps have inflate or deflate mechanisms, making the inflation and deflation procedure simple and easy.

Choosing a Pump

Many air beds are sold separately with the air pump. The manufacturer may suggest that the owner buys an AC electric air pump, in this case. These pumps are normally affordable and multi-purpose, with attachments that let the user fill the air mattress. These air pumps may even comprise car cigarette lighter connectors that make it easy to inflate an air bed, when on a camping tour.

Air Beds without a Built-in Pump

Those who don’t own an AC electric air pump should be very particular about this feature when buying an air mattress. Normally, once an air bed user acquires one of these pumps, the owner can use that air pump with different air bed brands.

AC Air Pump Operation

AC air pumps usually have a simple operating setting that comprises two nozzles. These nozzles regularly have adapters that may be essential to deflate the air bed. Of these two nozzles, one forces air out and one sucks air into the mechanism. The one that pushes air out is needed for inflation, and the other one is for deflation.

Pump Input and Output

Air mattresses, with no built-in pump, normally have one input and output regulator for inflation and deflation. However, some brands have separate valves. These are generally marked, making it easy to recognize where to hook the pump for removing air. Ensure that the right nozzle for the pump is connected to the appropriate valve on the air bed and power the pump up. Your air mattress should release air within just a few minutes.

Air Beds with a Built-in Pump

Air beds that have a built-in pump normally don’t have any openings other than the valve that attaches to the pump, making it hard to deflate the air mattress with no pump. The air pump should be evidently marked with inflate/deflate switches or buttons. If this isn’t the scenario, search for a button marked by a minus sign or number zero.

Procedure for Deflating Air Mattress

  1. When you are done using your air bed and want to keep it in the storage, you need to loosen the air hole cap. If your air bed has a plain air hole, it will instantly start to deflate. However, more complex models may necessitate a little more effort on your part. Should your air mattress not start deflating immediately, try one of these tips:
  • Detach the valve itself from its case
  • Search for an air-release button to flip
  • Turn an air-release instrument on the valve to deflate
  1. Roll or fold the air mattress to push air out.  It will ultimately conclude into a mostly-deflated form, as air drains from your air bed. To get all of the air out of the mattress, roll or fold the air bed, starting from the end. This will guarantee that the air bed takes little space when it is totally deflated. To force all of the air out, try making little, tight rolls or folds similar to how you squeeze toothpaste out of its container or tube.
  1. You may also consider using a vacuum in order to save time. If you want to speed up the shrinking course, try using a vacuum to swiftly force air out of the air bed. You can use a regular home vacuum or any other appliance that can generate a suction, for this purpose. Just open the air hole and wait for the air to start escaping the air bed. Hold the vacuum nozzle or hose over the hole to accelerate the deflation process.

While some air beds may have features that permit the owner to deflate without the use of a pump, deflating your air mattress with a pump can be easier and more efficient. Learning how to deflate an air mattress is a straightforward task, and deflating can be completed without any additional gear, but a battery-powered or electronic pump makes deflating an air mattress much easier and faster.

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