Bunk Bed with Nothing Underneath-Loft Bed

We did a little remodeling in the kids’ rooms recently, and I can’t believe how much of a difference it has made. Lucy and Peter are so excited about their “new” rooms that they spend hours in there after school!

It all started when Lucy went to play at a little friend’s house last month. When I picked her up she was just gushing about how much fun she had playing in her friend’s awesome room. I asked her just what was so cool about her friend’s room and she said, “The bunk bed with nothing underneath!”

OK! What is a Bunk Bed with Nothing Underneath?

Huh? Now I may be a little slow sometimes, but I could not really picture what she was talking about.

Of course, I know what a traditional bunk bed is. My sister and I had one when we were growing up, and I have many fond memories of pretending we were sleeping on a ship, whispering late into the night and even arguing who would get the top bunk. But I could not figure out what Lucy meant by saying that her friend’s bunk bed had nothing underneath; isn’t it the whole point of a bunk bed that a bed is underneath?

Even though Lucy was now on to vividly describing her friend’s dog, I just could not let this question of the bunk bed go. I asked her what she meant that there was nothing underneath the bunk bed and she said clarified that there was a top bunk bed with play area underneath.

That made a little bit more sense, but I still could not picture it. We were thinking of sprucing up the kids’ rooms anyway, and even though my Pinterest boards were full of ideas, I thought a bed that had my kid so excited was worth looking into.

So, I hopped onto google and starting searching for beds that matched Lucy’s descriptions. Aha, now I knew exactly what she was talking about. This kind of bed looked more like a loft bed that college students often use in dorm rooms, but this was specifically made with kids in mind. What a great concept!

As a scrolled through the pictures, I started getting just as excited as Lucy. These beds really are awesome and can be used in so many ways. Putting the bed up high off the floor essentially means that you are gaining that much space in the room that you can use however you like!

Some more practical ways to use the space were to put a dresser or other storage options under the bed. That is really a great space saver and opens up the rest of their room for more play.

Other pictures showed a desk built under the bed. Neither of the kids had desks in their rooms because we just couldn’t find the space. They usually end up doing their homework at the dining room table and that almost always leads to fighting as they are constantly distracting each other. I was really starting to love the idea of these beds.

By this point, Lucy and Peter became interested in what I was doing and started looking at all of the ideas over my shoulder. Lucy squealed as she saw some of the pictures: dollhouse set-ups, reading nooks complete with cozy pillows and fun twinkly lights, and even forts made by attaching curtains to the top bunk.

Peter, being a little older, was more interested in the creative desk set-ups under the bunk that allowed for more storage. He pointed out that he might be able to keep his room a little neater if he had more places to keep his schoolwork. That kid knows exactly what to say sometimes.

We spent the whole afternoon looking up ideas together, and by the time my husband got home, we were all excited about these beds and the possibilities they could bring to the kids’ rooms. It didn’t take too much convincing for my husband to hop on the bandwagon and agree that these would be a great help in maximizing space.

The kids have had their new beds set up for a week now and I am so happy we made the switch. With a few curtains in her favorite colors and some comfy throw pillows, Lucy now has her very own “princess castle” under her bed. Peter, on the other hand, finally has enough storage for all of his books, model kits, and trophies, as well as a desk where he can do his homework. No more fighting at homework time!

The great thing about these beds is that they can grow with the kids. It will always be a bonus to have that extra space in their room no matter what we do with it. Lucy may not always want a princess fort under her bed, but she can use that space for so many other things.

Lucy had the little friend who inspired this whole adventure over to play yesterday, and I heard her gasp when she saw Lucy’s new fancy set-up. The girls played happily for hours, giggling and pretending. When her mom picked her up, I just had to thank her for inadvertently passing along such a great idea.

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