Ivation Air Mattress (Queen) Review

Campers, college students, and families with frequent guests, among other groups of the general population, buy air mattresses because of their practical aspects. Nevertheless, air beds can be carried to camping grounds, hence avoiding sleeping on the cold and hard ground. These airbeds can be used as temporary beds in dorms and homes. The ease with which these mattresses can be inflated and deflated also makes them suitable for sleepovers among friends.

Be careful about your choice of airbeds, to avoid morning-after aches, especially in your lower back, shoulders, and neck, due to lack of proper support and comfort. Look no further as the Ivation Air Mattress (Queen), which comes in a queen size, delivers on the right comfort and support for your body.

Features of the Ivation Air Mattress (Queen)

The queen-sized airbed can accommodate one or two people, depending on their size. You will likely appreciate the fact that their labeled sizes are accurate, and therefore, can be used as a permanent bed, if necessary. You can use regular beddings on it, too, so that it has the same look and feel like a regular mattress made of innerspring coil, latex, and memory foam.

With air coils

The FirmaCoil air coils are the 28 large 5”x8” dual coils, with an effective figure-8 design, that provides the right balance of comfort and support for the user. These are closely placed together so that there’s little gap between them and, thus, every part of your body can be supported. The tight placement also contributes to the reduced sagging of the mattress, a common occurrence with prolonged use or with regular use, which can otherwise cause morning-after aches.

This is a 20-inch high airbed, meaning there’s a good distance between your body and the ground. You can either place it on the ground or place it on a platform so that it looks and feels more like a real bed.  You can rely on the air coils to support your weight during the entire night, thanks to its 500-pound maximum weight capacity.

Be sure to fully inflate the airbed so that the comfort and support expected of it can be enjoyed. If you want a softer feel without sacrificing the support, you can place a mattress topper for added comfort. You must always keep in mind that with support comes comfort so always choose support first and inflate the airbed to its fullest capacity.

According to the manufacturer, the airbed has an inflation control feature for adjusting its firmness level. But as we previously mentioned, it’s usually better to aim for full inflation for better support. The less inflated an airbed is, the more likely it loses support in the middle, although it doesn’t apply to all airbeds.

When fully inflated, the airbed also lets your feet touch the floor, without the need to bend your legs. You should be able to easily get on and off it because of the good height from the ground.  You can again place it on a platform if you want a higher height for your bed.

With AC-powered air pump

The built-in AC-powered air pump adds the ease of setting up the airbed, as well as storing and transporting it. You should use it to inflate and deflate the airbed, a process that usually takes approximately 5 minutes. You don’t have to worry about losing the pump either, because of its built-in design.

Made of waterproof PVC material

The quality of an airbed is also largely determined by the durability of its materials; Ivation airbed definitely has one of the strongest and sturdiest materials in air mattresses. The thick PVC material is also waterproof and puncture-resistant, which means that it can withstand the demands of regular use, whether at home or in camping grounds.

But emphasis must be made that proper care is a must, to ensure longevity since even the thickest PVC in airbeds can be punctured when dragged on sharp rocks. We suggest inflating it in the area where it will be used, as well as deflating it and folding it before storing it, so there’s less risk of contact with sharp objects.

The PVC material is complemented by a non-slip bottom material, so the airbed stays in place instead of slipping around with your movements at night. The airbed’s sleep side has a multilayer flocked design that provides a soft surface, so you can skip the mattress topper if you want to. But because of the flocked design, regular cleaning is a must, because the surface can accumulate more dirt than a non-flocked surface.


  • Comes with accessories including a carrying bag and a PVC patch repair kit
  • Inflates and deflates quickly using a pump
  • Provides good comfort and support for a restful night’s sleep
  • Has a soft surface due to the flocked design
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Motor can shut down even before full inflation


The Ivation Air Mattress (Queen) is a smart investment in a temporary or semi-permanent bed for adults and children, alike. The ease of inflation and deflation, coupled with the sufficient comfort and support provided, are the only reasons you will need to buy it.

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