How to Fold an Air Mattress

Knowing how to fold an air mattress properly is essential if you happen to own one. Some people use an air mattress as a replacement for a full-sized bed because they are much cheaper and easier to maintain. If used regularly, an air mattress needs to be inflated every day to remain firm and comfortable.

There are also people who buy them as a soft sleeping surface for camping or as a spare bed for a visiting friend or a family member.

When it isn’t being used, your air mattress should be folded and stored someplace safe. Most owners don’t know how to fold an air mattress the right way, which leads to punctures, seams opening up, and unexpected deflation.

Knowing how to fold an air mattress isn’t rocket science, but it can be a bit tricky if you’ve never owned an airbed before. To make matters worse, manufacturers usually don’t bother to include an instruction manual with their products, leaving many customers dissatisfied.

Here’s a quick video that shows how to properly fold an air mattress:

In this article, we’ll provide step by step instructions on how to fold an air mattress like a pro. If you follow these simple steps, not only will you learn how to fold an air mattress, but you’ll also ensure that your airbed is stored safely until the next time you need to use it.

Deflate Your Air Mattress

To learn how to fold an air mattress, you will need to deflate it first. First, find the valve you’ve used to inflate your airbed with an air pump. Once you’ve found the valve, all you have to do is open it.

You’ll hear the air flowing out of your mattress, and you’ll notice it deflating. This process takes some time, usually no more than four or five minutes. Some more advanced beds will fully deflate in just two minutes, while some others will take a bit longer.

When you notice the airbed has stopped deflating, it’s your turn to get all the leftover air out of it. Start gently pressing the top of the bed to push the air closer to the valve and slowly move towards it. Repeat this process a few times to be sure that there’s no air left. Once you’re finished with this, close the valve to prevent the air from going back in.

A word of caution: make sure you aren’t wearing any jewelry or appliqué jeans that could damage the surface of the mattress. Otherwise, you may potentially puncture the surface, and you won’t even notice it until the next time you get your airbed out.

Smooth Out the Wrinkles

Knowing how to fold an air mattress the right way begins with learning how to prepare it for folding. After you have deflated the mattress and closed the air valve, you should lay it on the floor or some other large flat surface in your home.

Before you do, check to see if there are any sharp objects, crumbs, or dust particles on the floor or the surface you want to lay your mattress on. If you find any, clean them thoroughly, as they could damage the outer shell of your airbed and result in punctures.

Now that you’ve prepared the surface, you can lay the deflated mattress on it. You’ll probably notice that your mattress isn’t exactly flat, but rather wrinkly and uneven. Use your hands to smooth out the wrinkles and even out your airbed.

Press your mattress very gently, like you did when you were releasing the extra air before closing the valve. This is an important step in learning how to fold an air mattress; if you skip it, your airbed will be wrinkled and perhaps even damaged the next time you get it out.

Fold and Roll Your Air Mattress

The next step is figuring out how to fold an air mattress and then roll it properly to save space and get it ready for storage. After you’ve laid your air mattress on the floor and evened out the wrinkles, simply fold it in half by matching the corresponding edges.

Once you’ve done this, smooth out any wrinkles you may notice by gently pressing the mattress with your hands. If you’re having trouble folding the mattress, there might be some air left in it. If that’s the case, go back to the first step.

Depending on the size of your air mattress, you may need to fold it once again, repeating the same process explained above. When the mattress is folded, it’s time to roll it up so it fits the storage container or the carrying bag it came with when you bought it.

You can either roll it up horizontally or vertically, whatever takes up less space. It goes without saying that you should handle the mattress very gently, especially when you’re rolling it up.

Store Your Mattress Safely

It won’t help if you know how to fold an air mattress but you don’t know how to store it properly. If you just put it in a closet without any protection, your mattress may get damaged over time.

Most air mattresses are made from vinyl or plastic-based materials that don’t respond well to shifts in temperature, humidity, or unfavorable weather conditions. If your air mattress came with a carrying bag, you should put it there before you store it away. If not, find a container for it.

After you’ve folded and rolled your air mattress, place it in the container or a carrying bag and then put it someplace safe like a dark closet or a storage room. Don’t pile any other items on top of your mattress, as you might puncture it or rip the materials apart.

Most importantly, never leave the mattress out in the open, as it will be directly exposed to changes in temperature. Learning how to fold an air mattress the right way is very easy. You just need to handle it carefully and store it someplace safe. By doing so, you’ll make sure the mattress will be in great condition and that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises the next time you decide to get it out of the storage.

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