How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress at Home

An air mattress is an excellent addition to a camping trip or for your overnight visitors. After some time and through regular use, air beds might form small holes, commonly in the plastic corners or bottom. Learning how to fix a hole in an air mattress at home is not hard but may necessitate patience at times. Moreover, doing your own maintenance or repair will definitely save you time and the price of buying another air mattress.

Why do Air Beds get Holes?

How long a product lasts can sometimes be affected by the weather. The material used to manufacture air beds will stiffen up during cold weather and will soften and become more pliable and supple during warm weather.

Apart from temperature, simple human mistakes also contribute to the occurrence of holes in an air mattress. A common one is that some owners fail to put sheets on top of their mattresses. A sheet protects the bed from any object you may have that can potentially puncture the mattress.

You should also ensure that the area where you are setting up your mattress is clear and free from anything that can possibly puncture it especially if you are outdoors. You can put a tarpaulin or even a thick blanket underneath it to protect its bottom part.

Locating the Hole in Your Air Bed

If you want to find a hole in your mattress, always ensure that there is no bedding on it. You’ll also need a lot of space to move the product around so you can find the damages easily.

After which, use the pump to fill the mattress. An inflated mattress makes it easier to identify defects. If you don’t see anything, the next step is to soap your mattress. Just fill a spray bottle with water and add some liquid soap. Spray the mattress and the area of the leak can be identified when you see a soap bubble because air is escaping. This is a similar concept to ‘blowing bubbles’ for kids.

The soap method is a quick one, but you can also feel around the area with your hands for a rush of air. Sometimes you may even hear air escaping from the mattress, also inspect the mattress’ seams.

Clean the Surface Before Fixing a Hole in an Air Mattress

You are required to do a few things prior fixing a leak in an air bed. This is the most significant but ignored step in most cases. Once you have figured out where the leak in the mattress is coming from, you have to clean the spot that has been damaged or broken. You can use water and soap or any type of chemical-free cleaning materials.

Try not to get any liquid in the holes of the mattress, and wait for the surface to dry before proceeding to the next phase. If the area of the air mattress has a surface that will make applying a patch or adhesive difficult, you may need to prepare the surface by using sandpaper.

Air beds usually have one side that’s protected in a suede-like material, in order to make the air mattress more comfortable. It’s hard to patch a puncture on this kind of surface unless sandpaper is used to alter its surface texture to be fixed. If not, the patch that you will use may peel off quickly.

Watch Joe Robinson Find and Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress:

Steps to Repair an Air Bed Leak

You might already know the exact location of where your air bed is losing air from. The next stage is to fix that hole. Follow the steps below for an easy and stress-free air mattress repair.

Step 1. You have to get a patch kit for the air bed. Almost all outdoor retailers and camping stores have this product. In the patch kit, you can find sandpaper, glue and some patches. A tire patch from your bike or car is an ideal alternative if you only need a single patch.

Step 2. Once you have the complete materials, you have to deflate your air bed fully. It is important that there’s no air left inside to ensure easier and proper gluing later on.

Step 3. Take the patch and cut it one and a half times bigger than the actual hole. Cutting the exact size is acceptable, but you should be sure to cover the surfaces that are near the puncture. By doing so, you will avoid further leaking on the same spot.

Step 4.  Some air bed patches don’t require glue since they just stick when applied to the surface. If you need glue, be sure that it comes from the patch kit you bought. There are specific glues for patching air mattresses and tents. As a reminder, don’t remove the patch once you apply or stick it on the air mattress. This will make it less sticky the next time you apply it.

Step 5.  You need to apply enough pressure to the patch after repairing. You have to do this procedure for about 30 seconds to a minute so that you guarantee that it’s attached firmly. The firmer it is, the better. You may use the heel of your palm when pressing the patch on the surface of the mattress. You can also use a rolling pin in order to flatten the surface smoothly.

Step 6. To guarantee that the patch will stick well to the mattress, you need to dry it for around two to three hours. If possible, allow the patch to cure overnight, preferably up to 24 hours, before using the mattress. Likewise, put heavy materials, such as books, above it to keep the pressure. You have to make sure that the patch is completely dry before you put air in the mattress again.

Step 7. You have to inspect for holes once more. Once you have inflated the air mattress again, you need to put your ears close to the mattress to check if there are still hissing sounds. If necessary, don’t let anyone use the air mattress until you can be definite that no air is escaping.

When it comes to repairing airbeds, there are many means to do it. You don’t have to be an expert handyman or a troubleshooter just to know how to fix a hole in an air mattress. To do so, all you need is persistence and the proper tools at hand.

How to Prevent Having Holes in an Air Mattress?

Once the hole is fixed, it is your responsibility to maintain the life of your air mattress. A good way to do that will be to clean the area where you plan to lay the mattress down. It will help if you sweep the ground. Also, persons using the bed should ensure that their pockets are free of keys, knives, and other sharp items. The mattress should also not be kept near hot surfaces. You should also be gentle and not pull the mattress too tight when you are rolling it. To learn how to properly fold an air mattress see this article.

It is also good to check with the manufacturer and their recommended repair methods and materials. Finally, make sure you read all instructions and warnings for your air mattress, patch kit and materials before starting with the repair.

Final Conclusion

Learning how to fix a hole in an air mattress is really not that difficult. Just follow these simple step laid out in this article. I would suggest to always have a repair kit on hand.

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