DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed Review

Bunk beds are quite exciting for kids. Just the idea of getting a bunk bed will leave a kid brimming with thrill. But then again, it doesn’t really take much to get our kids excited. But even for parents, it really is an ideal option if you want to have two kids share a room.

The simple reason why they are so popular is that bunk beds really have a lot of benefits. In this article, we will go over some of the benefits of having a bunk bed and then review DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed.

In order to give you a proper idea of the bunk bed, we will go over its key defining features, its pros, and cons and do a quick comparison to get an idea of what’s out there.

Benefits of Bunk Beds

Let’s quickly look at some of the benefits of bunk beds:

  • Separate Beds

We all want our kids to have their own personal beds to sleep in. This way, not only will they get their own space, but they will also develop good habits such as sleeping by themselves, the responsibility of making their own bed, etc.

  • Better Use of Space

In most homes, the kids’ bedroom is generally smaller than most other rooms. A bunk bed allows us to use the limited space efficiently. This way there will be more room left to dedicate to areas for studying and playing.

  • Flexibility

Most bunk beds can be separated into two different beds. This means, if space is no longer an issue in the future or when the kids grow up, you can simply separate the bunk beds into two separate beds.

  • They’re Fun

The main reason kids love bunk beds so much is that it adds a new dimension of fun for them. The ability to explore vertically can spark a kid’s imagination, allowing them to turn their beds into castles, spacecrafts and more.


DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed


DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed, as the name suggests, is a twin bunk bed that is designed specifically to minimize space utilization while still being able to accommodate a couple of twin mattresses for maximum comfort. The bunk bed has a sleek design and available in five different colors.

The most striking feature is that the front ladder is intentionally slanted to provide greater safety when climbing up the ladder. The safety feature does makes the bed take up more space than it would otherwise need.

However, the extra space it needs doesn’t really amount to much because it makes it safer, which is the most important thing for a bunk bed.

Moreover, the top bunk includes stylish guardrails to eliminate any possibility of falling off the bed. The upper bunk can support up to a maximum of 200 lbs. and 225 lbs. for the bottom bed, which is more than enough even for most adults. So you don’t have to worry even if more than one child gets on the bunk.

Lastly, the bunk bed ships in a single box and weighs no more than 95 lbs. in shipping weight, and the assembled bed weighs no more than 86 lbs. It is quite easy and simple to assemble and doesn’t require any special equipment or professional help.


  • It is available in five different colors for your kids to choose from.
  • Despite having a sleek design, its design principle is based primarily on safety.
  • Has a weight maximum weight limit of 200 and 225 pounds for upper and lower bunk, respectively.


  • The ladder can only be attached to one side of the bed.
  • The metal ladder does not have any padding, which can be a bit harsh on the feet.


The best thing about this bunk bed is that it is designed to accommodate young children. Yes, it has a nice design and it doesn’t take up much space, but its defining features are all about the safety of our kids.

From the way the ladder is designed to the design of the bed’s frame, everything about this bed creates a safe and secure environment for our kids. This really becomes a source of comfort for parents and provides them with much-needed peace of mind to let their kids experiment with the bunk bed.

It is by no means the perfect bunk bed, but then again, it doesn’t attempt to do everything. It focuses on safety and without a doubt does an excellent job providing a safe bunk bed for young kids to experiment and have fun on.


Now that we have a fairly good idea of what we’re getting with the DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed, let’s move and look at another bunk bed and compare the two to get a better understanding of the product. For the comparison, we can take a look at Merax Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed.

The Merax Bunk Bed is designed to provide a bunk bed that offers an ideal balance of comfort and practicality. It also features full-length guardrails for safety and a slanted side ladder. It can also support 200 lbs. and 225 lbs for the upper and lower bunks, respectively.

There are two key differences between the two bunk beds. The first thing that stands out is the spacing between the steps of the ladder. The spacing is in no way unbalanced, but it might require younger children to stretch a little bit more to reach the next step.

The reason for this seems to be due to the first step being just a few inches above the ground. Due to this, it might not be ideal for young kids.

The second difference is the width of the bed. It is a bit smaller than DHP Bunk Bed. If space utilization is your main concern, you will like the fact that it takes up the least amount of space possible.

However, the few extra inches of space can let a child turn in their sleep without being pushed against the guardrail.


If your decision is driven primarily on the amount of space you can dedicate for the bed, then you will probably want to go with Merax Bunk Bed, which takes up the least amount of space without compromising its structural integrity.

However, since we’re talking about bunk beds and kids, our decision is, more often than not, based primarily on safety.

Yes, we realize the importance of decor and comfort, but safety takes precedence, and every parent would agree with us. Hence, we believe DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed is the better choice for our kids.

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