AirBedz Lite Full-Size Truck Bed Air Mattress for a Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

Camping and fishing in a nearby town are activities that have been part of some family traditions. Other groups of friends and co-workers also do such in order for them to unwind and bond. Most of the time, they will allot two or three days to ensure that they will have fun and will not be rushing home.

Hence, they often bring with them sleeping bags and tents where they can sleep. However, nowadays, they can already opt to bring an air bed that can be spread at the back of a truck, allowing them to set up quickly and easily.

An airbed is also an excellent option for persons who want to go on a cross-country or a road trip using their trucks. Rather than renting a motel, why not set up an air mattress in your truck? It can save you a lot of bucks especially if you are on the road for weeks.

Fortunately, you can already find a lot of specially designed air beds for trucks. Narrowing down your choices might be difficult, but this review can help you out.

AirBedz Lite Full-Size Truck Bed Air Mattress

AirBedz has made a full-size mattress that is capable of fitting in a truck bed. So, if you ever intend to go star gazing or camping and want to stay off the ground, you can simply set up this air mattress in your truck bed for the ultimate and most comfortable stargazing or sleeping experience. It may also be an interesting mattress to get if you want to have a unique outdoor date with your significant other.


  • Constructed using high-grade PVC for durability
  • Includes a DC pump with a 16-feet cord to inflate your mattress
  • The mattress is about 12 inches thick.
  • Dimensions: 76″x 63″x 12″ when inflated
  • Weight: 20 pounds


  • Different Variations: Never worry that the air mattress will not fit in your truck since it is available in various sizes. They can fit in the truck beds ranging from compact to full sized.
  • Precise Fit: If you think the air mattress’ wheelbase is going to be a problem for the air mattress when it comes to fitting in your truck bed, it won’t. That is because the bed is designed with cutouts on either side to allow it to fit effortlessly so that it can utilize all the space in the truck’s bed.
  • Comes with a DC Pump: The DC Pump that comes with your air bed is 12 Voltz and can be plugged into your truck’s power outlet. It makes pumping the bed easy because it comes with a sixteen-feet cord that can be extended to give you as much room as possible and a lot of conveniences.
  • Durable: There is no need to worry about weight when using this mattress since it’s twelve inches thick and has an air coil system that will help with the distribution of the weight. It also helps that the mattress is made of high-grade PVC material, so it is rip resistant.


  • Only for trucks: It may be awkward for you to use or own this mattress if you don’t own a truck as the sides are cut off and may not be very comfortable for you to sleep on as only the middle of the mattress may be firm.
  • Somewhat uncomfortable: If you don’t get the right size or if this does not fit well in your truck bed, you are going to have an uncomfortable night of rest. You may also experience some discomfort along the wheelbase.
  • A bit delicate: You will need to be careful with this mattress as a material not cleared out of your truck bed may cause a puncture in the fabric of the mattress. You can prevent this by clearing out the truck bed or putting a blanket below the air mattress.


The AirBedz mattress is a bed that truckers may be interested in. If you don’t own a truck, then this bed is not necessarily for you as the sides are cut out to fit over a truck’s wheelbase.

A problem truck owners may have with this bed is finding the right fit for their trucks. Nevertheless, what you just need to do is look at the product descriptions and dimensions to get the size that is right for you and the quality that fits within your budget.

The bed is twelve inches thick which can help increase the comfort level experienced when used. Furthermore, it is highly durable and made from PVC material. You also don’t have to worry about finding a power outlet to plug in the pump because the sixteen-feet power cord allows you to plug it into your car easily. Also, once you choose the right product dimensions, you may be guaranteed an almost precise fit.

Comparison with Another Brand

You can also consider the Pittman Outdoors PPI 104 AirBedz Air Mattress. This bed too, fit over your wheelbases and extends all the way out to your tailgate, so no space is left unutilized. However, unlike the AirBedz Lite Full-Size Truck Bed Air Mattress, this mattress can also be used at home. That is because the manufacturers outfitted it with side inserts to cover the cut-out part of the wheelbase.

Nonetheless, for outdoor activities and travels, the users should make sure that they have recharged its pump completely since it will require an AC outlet.

Final Verdict

The AirBedz Lite Full-Size Truck Bed Air Mattress is a product that is suited for individuals who use their trucks whenever they travel and do overnight outdoor activities. The best thing about it is that it can accommodate at least two individuals. Also, when you are out in the woods or any area wherein it will be hard to find an electrical source, you do not have to worry about inflating this mattress.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that this brand is not suited for you if you intend to use it inside your home. Although you may choose to do so, you should remember that the wheelbase part may make you feel uncomfortable when using it on surfaces other than trucks.

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