Hello, my name is Angela Miller. I live and work in beautiful South Florida with my husband and our cat (Cat Baby).

My husband and I are originally from the New England area. Every winter we have family members come visit us to escape the frigid weather of Connecticut. Finding sleeping arrangements for everyone can be a real challenge.

After looking at all our options, we decided to look into getting an air mattress that we could easily set up at night and deflate and put away during the day.

After doing extensive research online and at local stores, we made our purchase and we couldn’t be happier about it.

We’ve always wanted to set up our own website, so we decided to start https://bedsandspaces.com for anyone in the market for an air mattress.

From mattresses ready for everyday use to those designed for camping or unexpected guests, Bed and Spaces is packed full of guides, in-depth reviews, and other useful resources.

Today’s air mattresses are more comfortable, affordable, and reliable than ever before, and Bed and Spaces is dedicated to helping visitors make the most of the many options.